Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventures in Binky Weaning

I've wanted to wean Max off the binky for a while, but a couple of things kept stopping me. We were traveling, I love sleep, etc. I think I was more aprehensive about it than I should have been. But really it is a pain to make sure we have them with us, and that he doesn't throw them around since he will only use the ones that don't have a loop to attach them.

And so the other night I was reading an article in Parents Magazine where it essientially said to just do it cold turkey and that most of the time it's much easier than the parent thought it would be. It also gave me an out that said until the age of 4 it's not that bad for the formation of their mouth. But none the less I decided cold turkey was the way to go.

I was going to start tonight, but last night went ahead and put him in bed prepared to go 10 minutes like I did when we sleep trained him almost a year ago. He whined when I put him down, but I made sure he had a blankie and his favorite ducky. And after about 30 seconds, I heard nothing. Not a peep. Really? You didn't need the binky after all?

He briefly woke up around 11 for less than a minute and soothed himself right back to sleep. That's all I heard of him until 7:30 this morning. He doesn't seem like any deprived child does he?

I think nap time today might be a little more difficult, but he surprised me last night so maybe not.

He also has switched himself to on nap a day. It's a three hour nap typically, but I miss my morning time I used to get with his second nap.

We bought the paint last night to start painting our guest room/library. We bought the bookcases two weeks ago and Adam put them together while Max and I were out of town. So now they are crowding my craft room until I get them all put where they are supposed to. Hopefully we'll get the room painted tomorrow and everything put away on Saturday. I've been tossing book organization back and forth and can't decide whether to do it by color aggain or by the dewey decimal system. Anyway back to the paint, it's called Golden Slumber appropriate for a guest bedroom and if we ever need to play the Beatles up there.

We're moving along. There are more things hung up and things being moved to the "right" spot. Still a lot more I want to do but it's actually feeling like home. I know where things are, I love the colors, I can flop on the couch. When we are done with the guest room we are working on Max's big boy room which will remain my craft room until we are ready to move him to his big boy bed.


Laura said...

How nice of Max to give up his binkie just like that! Hope it continues :)

A 3 hour nap? Wow, what would i do with 3 hours???

Any birthday plans?

Anonymous said...

Such a big guy!!No little guy any more!! Grammy