Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today I'm doing all the things I enjoy and one of those is blogging.

This year my birthday is a little low key. Last year we were still "new" here and I had a surprise visit from family. Normally I have a "birthday week" and there's the famous Harry Potter birthday party from a few years ago. This year it just wasn't in me. I guess that's how it is when you get older, you just tame down a little. I'm hoping to craft in my newly organized craft room, admire and catalogue some of the books in my newly arranged and color coded library, knit a little and start a new project, play with my happy, rough and tumble toddler, and drink coffee all day long.

Here are some pictures from last weekend. We did some yard work.


Amber said...

OH MY! Your little boy is so grown up with that cute haircut. Ah...makes me miss you guys even more. I wish I was there to just do all the things you like with you on your birthday. The mornings here have been beautiful and I would love to have Max running around in the grass while Ben swings in his tree swing and we sip on our morning coffee.

Anonymous said...

Happy-happy birthday!!! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying the little things in life!! Adorable pictures!! See you soon!! Barb