Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've spent the past few days drowning in paperwork to transfer my teaching license from Texas to Illinois. My license is still valid in Tx for another year and so I figured I'd better get it moved over before it expires. Hopefully it will go smoother than I the past few days. I've been making phone calls, filling out forms, sending faxes, and now I wait for things to show up in the mail and get mailed to Illinois State Board of Education. And pray it all makes it here and there and everywhere it's supposed to be. They definitely don't make it easy to move licenses from state to state. I remember my Ohio Long Term Substitute license from Ohio didn't count worth anything in Tx, so hopefully something will transfer from there to here.

Since we've gotten home from Nebraska, almost two weeks ago, Max has slept from 7pm until 9-10am. And so have I. Last night I told Adam that I needed to start getting up earlier and low and behold Max was up this morning before Adam or I! He must have known. :)

Max has been so much fun lately. But I guess I always say that. He just learns so much each day. Yesterday he learned to stack blocks instead of just knocking them over.

We've also been teaching him about Mickey Mouse in anticipation for our vacation this winter. We've been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning and at the end they sing a song.

Max has learned to say "hot dog" and dances around when he hears the song. If it's playing, if Adam or I sing it, etc. He also found a stuffed Mickey at the parsonage in his toys there, and brought it to me saying "hot dog" over and over while dancing.

I finished a baby blanket last night while watching The Dark Knight with Adam. He'd already seen it, but I think it came out the week or so after Max was born and so I never got around to it. It was better than I thought it would be. I'm referring to the movie and the blankie.

(Max this morning loving on the blankie, while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my dear friend Darby's little boy, Liam, in the next few days. She however is as patient as can be, knowing the Lord's timing is sometimes not our own.

We are off to Ohio this weekend for a week of family fun time! Adam has to stay here and work. I'm sure he's sad he'll miss my family making wonderful fools of themselves during the riding lawn mower races, but I wouldn't miss it for the world!

A couple pictures of Max for you.


Anonymous said...

Such a cutie!! Can't wait to see you in a few days!! Grammy

Laura said...

Ella is making me watch Mickey's song over and over...good thing its catchy. Can't wait to see Max dance :)

elea said...

max is such a cutie!

lawn mower racing???

Kara said...

His hair makes him look like a little boy... kind of sad, but so cute! I can not wait to see both of you! And I am going to miss Adam not being here to make fun of your family with me! LOL :)

Mark said...

Looking forward to seeing you and Max on sunday. He sure is a changing. Last time I saw him he was just starting to walk and now he is dancing.