Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We've been home since Sunday and things have been pretty busy. We're good, we're tired, and we're happy. I guess that just the normal around here.

Here's some pictures from last week. Although not enough of them. I'll try to get them all up on facebook soon.

Max being fed a scotcheroo by cousin Ali.

Thinks he can play with the big kids at a play space in Polaris.

Things didn't go as planned, we didn't do everything we'd intended to do. But I guess that means we'll just have to come back sometime.

There have been a number of new babies and pregnancy announcements lately. People are just trying to keep my knitting needles and crochet hooks busy I guess. It was fun to see family with budding bellies and smiling faces. And I'm excited to be an auntie over and over and over.

We got to meet my little niece Emilee while home, she's 8 weeks old and Max loved her. He didn't even get too jealous when I was holding her.

Nick and Kara announced they are preggers! So Kara got a taste of what two years from now will look like.

The lawnmower races were fun and the fireworks were good. I even rode a lawnmower around.

Lastly, this picture makes me laugh. There's no denying that Max is a "Strong baby" look at those faces. :) Besides Adam's nose, he's all Strong. Furrowed brow- check, square jaw- check, you can't see them here, but he's got the dimples too. :)

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Kara said...

Wow, Max really does look like his grandpa! I have pretty much gave in to the fact that our baby will have those 'Strong' features! LOL