Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's my favorite picture from TWO years ago... pictured are some of my closest (spiritually, and emotionally) and furthest (geographically) friends. Amber, Me, and Darby. We were an original group of friends at DTS. So we've known each other now just short of 5 years. Crazy to think it's been that long, right girls? Now Amber and her family live in Kansas, we're right here in central Illinois, and Darby and her family are in Washington state.

I also loved that barely pictured is Darby's little girl Kate, still in utero. Now Kate is a wonderful "almost" two year old and we all have little boys too!

Here's my favorite picture from today.

Adam knew I was less enthusiastic about this birthday than I normally am (gosh, how will I be when I'm really old, like 30?! ha!) and he went out of his way to make it wonderful.

He got me a reusable mug from the local coffee shop that they fill for $1 (no Starbucks around here) and took half the day off work. He brought me lunch, entertained Max while I took a nap, walked up to the candy shop on the square with me to get Boston Baked Beans and Sour Patch Kids (which Max loved) and then we played in the sprinkler with Max. He does not enjoy it very much but really loves the hose all by itself.


We also went to dinner at our favorite Mexican joint. It's the closest we get around here to Mexican. We often eat there once a week and are beginning to know the people who work there. We forgot until we got there that on Thursday nights there is a Mariachi band that roams the restaurant. Max loved them so much. He danced the whole meal through and the woman who played the violin stopped to chat at our table some. He was quite enthralled with the music.

Adam ended the day by surprising me with a Dairy Queen Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard Ice Cream Cake. It's a little slice of heaven, let me tell you.

So today I did almost everything I set out to do. Coffee, check. Knitting, check. New crochet project, check and finished all in one night. I substituted the crafting upstairs for my nap, but we did play a little up there this morning, so check. And I didn't make it around to the books, but that's alright- there's always anther day, that's the good thing about books, they never spoil.

I completely enjoyed my day. Thank you to all who sent warm wishes to my phone, email, twitter, and facebook. Even those that hollered at us while we were on the square today from the moving vehicles. Thanks, I feel loved! :)


Amber said...

I think the 3 of us could be sisters.
Wow! It is hard to believe how much time has past since we met and how much our lives have changed. Once Liam gets big enough to travel, I think we need a DTS reunion. I am itching to see you guys terribly.

Darby said...

So glad you feel loved (because you are)!
And, I'm w/ Ambs--let us have a reunion! Liam is big enough. We just drove back from Spokane yesterday (taking an infant places is WAY easier than taking a toddler--as you know!).
Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things and thanks for telling us about your birthday! I almost feel like I'm there!
P.S. I know you're being funny, but I only have 6 months to iive (until I'm what you call: "old"). Bill has just days!! SMILE!

Laura said...

Sounds like a great day :)