Friday, July 3, 2009

Crafty Goodness

(cucumber melon fizz- delish!)

It seems I either have nothing to say or I think of 15 blogs for one day. So here's my during nap time today, full of crafty goodness.

Max's Scarf

Couch Pillow Covers
In less than one nap time, I completed these covers for our couch pillows. They are the same "pocket" idea that I used for Max's bed pillow (by the way he loves it) and used the leftover fabric from the curtains and a coordinating fabric from the same summer line I picked up from JoAnn's a while ago for this very purpose (uh, I didn't buy enough of it so that's why I used the curtain remnants, but it turns out I love having the stripes turned the other way against the curtain stripes going vertical).

The fronts are all the floral and two of the backs are floral with two backs being the stripe.

I finally found the pattern I was waiting for. I bought yarn a while ago for a scarf and hat for Grammie and I've been waiting for the perfect pattern for the scarf. I found it last week and am excited that I'm actually able to accomplish what I want. Today I started the scarf.

Here's the first twist in the cable (the one in the center is a horseshoe cable) and there are two sets of two cables on either side. The best thing about it? I actually understand what I'm doing!

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michele said...

Hello, your son is so adorable. WHat a lucky mother you are.

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Best wishes! Michele x