Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Fun

Nativity Fun

Every year I love putting out my Willow Tree Nativity. I eventually want to get the rest of it (I"m missing some animals and shepherds and maybe an angel, also the stand) but I love putting it out on top of the "card catalog" piece that Adam's dad refinished for us when we were engaged. I love the rough wood on top of the rough wood piece. Here's how it looks without too much fussing to it.

The other day while doing the dishes I paused to check on Max, it was just a little too quiet and that could be disaster in our house.

This reenactment shows what may have happened....

to make my nativity look like this....

Snow Fun
It's been snowing a little each day here. Friends that live three house north west of here have been having blizzard conditions so we are thankful to be just a little bit south. but the wind is fierce today and the snow is blowing around. But a few days ago we had just enough snow to make it fun outside.

I made sugar cookies the other day, but hadn't got to ice them yet because I was out of powdered sugar. Inspired by Laura's blog about icing cookies with Ella, I decided we should ice them this morning.

It started with just playing the cupboards

And then things got interesting...

Afterwards Max had an icing mustache and I told him he looked like Santa... He responded with his best "HO HO HO"


Laura said...

Ha! Love that little trouble-maker! That reenactment was hilarious :)

Amber said...

Fabulous post as always! I love all the pictures of the nativity troubles and icing fun!
Did you make the hat and sweater in your header? I love it! One day I will special order something from you. Ya know, when your life settles down - maybe June :)

Anonymous said...

That was a great blog!!!! Such a busy little guy!!!He is so strong!!! The cookie pictures are so "sweet"!! A brave mama!! How long did his sugar high last!!!Love the snow pictures!! Poppy and Grammy

elea said...

max is such a busy body...still adorable! ;)