Friday, December 4, 2009

Long Update

I've had pictures clogging up the camera waiting on our new computer (the old one was giving me trouble with our camera). And we got the new computer back yesterday (for the second time) and so the first thing I did this morning was empty the camera. You get to be the recipient of a very long and picture heavy post. Enjoy! Pictures are in no particular order.

Day before Thanksgiving at Grammy and Poppy's

Eating Thanksgiving pie with Nana

Playing in the cradle that was made for Uncle Ryan and Papa

He put himself in his chair

Happy boy

10 weeks pregnant (it's true what they say, you show a lot earlier the second time around)

Yummy potato taster

He's all about shoes and purses

In Papa's old cowboy boots

Before he got a haircut a few weeks ago

Discovering the Christmas tree (we still don't have ours up here)

Playing in the snow flurries

In Poppy's truck with Puppy Dude

Christmas Lights

At the park with Grammy and Papa

Little Climber



I just love the face

Fun on the slide

Teeter Totter

Playing with Grammy

Loving on cousin Ali

Getting some Grammy Paula love

Baby Superman

sweet boy

climbing superbaby


elea said...

love the pics...he has your broad beautiful smile...

miss ya! ;)

Laura said...

Super cutie pie :)

Anonymous said...

You have a super hero on your hands!!!Priceless! Grammy and Poppy

Amber said...

Love all the pictures. Yeah for a belly shot. Keep em coming!