Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just hanging around

It's been just a little too cold to purposefully go anywhere fun. So we've been pretty much sticking to the house.

Max has another cold, but it's getting better. It appears that he's going through this whiney stage that I could have just lived without experiencing and can't wait until it's over. He's been a bit of a Mama's boy and while I love to hug and cuddle, I don't particularly like being hung on all day.

I'm working on another yarn project so I'm hoping to just keep getting out of this yarn gives me the heebies phase.

I'm really hoping to be back to normal by Christmas in general and feel a little more like myself everyday. This pregnancy is definitely much harder than the last one, but at the same time I don't have the ability to think about it all day every day, except when it forces itself upon me making me slow down and be quiet, or take a nap, or rest a little. It's all just a little strange to me. Things just aren't getting done at the same rate that they were before and learning to accept that has been the best thing for me. I'm getting used to the dining room table looking like this:

I'm starting into my second trimester already so I know the time will definitely go by faster this time around than last, it's proven that already.

And just for fun here are some pictures of Max...

making a kissy face for the camera

goofy boy

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Kara said...

Woo Hoo for feeling better. Love the pics!