Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some fun!

We ended up all getting the sniffles around here and I ended up with a sinus infection (no fun!) but we are on the mend and should be back to normal by Christmas.

On Sunday we did a second annual Christmas Carol Sing at church. Last year we had a full dinner served by the youth group and this time it was just sandwiches but just as lovely.

Max decided to join in with the tambourine band.

We are getting ready for Disney, it's just over a week away. I keep reminding Max we are going to Mickey's House to play. He goes around the house saying, "Mickey's House" over and over.

Today we played in the snow as there was no wind. It was still very cold, but I figured we should get out while we were feeling well enough and could.

I just love this picture. It makes me smile.

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Anonymous said...

Fun stuff at your house!! Sending lots of prayers for healthy and well-packaged with a renewed energy for mama!!