Sunday, December 13, 2009

Emergency Birthday Party

We had a call from friends Saturday that their daughter's 7th birthday had been kaputed by her friends' sickness and wanted to know if we could join them on a trip to the children's museum (she loves Adam) in Normal, IL. We already had plans during the day, but instead decided to throw her a surprise birthday "party" at our house for dinner.

So after a couple of hours of preparation and $20 I'd say it was a pretty good party. You know it's good when the birthday girls eats so much sweets she gets sick when she gets home right?

I knew the present was a hit because she wore them all night from the time she opened it and exclaimed, "I needed a scarf!" I used some bulky yarn and whipped up a hat and used two strands of yarn (one blue and one pink, her favorite colors) for the scarf. Done in no time flat.

It felt good to use yarn again and after only a couple of heaves and gags, I got over the texture/smell that's been making me sick for the past couple of months. Hopefully that's a good sign that I'll be back to my needles and hooks regularly soon.

My favorite comment of the night by the birthday girl... "I know you're having a baby, I knew you weren't just fat." Ha!

A good time was had by all!

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