Saturday, January 30, 2010

One finished and one started

Max has been sickly the past few days and cares to mostly lay around and watch tv while coughing up his lungs. He's not sick enough to take to the doctor, just sick enough to trap us in the house.

Today I had to get out.

I had made a monthly meal plan for February and decided to see if our groceries made any difference in our budget with me shopping at Aldi for the things that could be bought for the month ahead and then just shopping our local Kroger or Walmart for the weekly necessities. It was fun to plan out the whole month and incorporate new recipes. I think that by the end of the month we'll see a definite difference in the grocery total. Or at least I hope so for all the planning I did.

I also went to my lovely dear local yarn shop. I hadn't been there since before I found out we were expecting baby #2 and so it had been quite a while. I found some lovely wool on sale and a few other skeins of wool. I went with a purpose to find something I loved for a slouchy beret for myself and found I loved something I normally wouldn't pick out for myself. But immediately after binding off a sleep sack this evening I cast this new yarn on for it and we'll see how much I love it when I'm done.

Knitting is finished on the sleep sack, but it still needs felted a little to bring it down to size.

Casted on and row one done of the slouchy beret

Love all these colors, just not my norm for personal things (I think it's the yellow that makes me nervous)


Amber said...

I love cooking and shopping from menus, but I dread making them. Don't know why. Way to go on a month long menu. I am totally impressed.

Sleep sack - woah. I will definitely be asking for one of those when Carter #2 comes around.

I love yellow - it will look fabulous on you.

Laura said...

I can't believe you planned a whole month of dinners! Wow. And the sleep sack looks so cozy :) Can't waittto see you styling the beret!

Anonymous said...

Hope all are healthy at your house today-not fun to have little ones under the weather!! Amazing things that you create with your yarn!!Take care!!Lots of love!! Grammy

Heidi said...

Yeah for menu plans! Once you get used to it I bet you'll love it! I used to think all day about what I was going to make for dinner at night. Not any more!

Thought you might like this link in case you haven't found this blog before:
It incorporates Aldi products with recipes and menu plans! If you want more menu plans to steal ideas from, check out She does a meal plan round up every Monday!

Cara Kipp said...

Thanks Heidi, I've used orgjunkie for a long time. :) But I'll have to check the other one. I normally do a weekly plan, so the monthly one was a little different for me. I've noticed it has helped on us having the same thing ever week for dinner though :)