Thursday, August 2, 2007

Became Jane

I thoroughly enjoyed Becoming Jane. Based on the previews and trailers I must admit I had my misgivings. The remakes of this time period sometimes hurt because of the lack of modern understanding for that time period in its entirety (except for artistic freedom, the newest Pride and Prejudice was uck!). So having gone into it with a critical perception of actually knowing how Jane Austen's life occured and having read just about every writing (including her letters to her sister Cassandra and other various little stories) I was completely entertained by the lines from her books being part of the script. I also enjoyed the meeting of two great minds of Anne Radcliffe and Jane in the movie, it struck well against my literary heart. Somethings were obnoxious to me but all in all the movie made me a proud Austen fan.

I've left this purposely lacking. I hate when people ruin movies. But it is definitely a good movie. I'm sure I will be going to see it again. I suggest you go when it is released. If people go to support these types of movies, maybe they will make more of them.

I feel some rereading of Austen (especially Northanger Abbey, it's been a while for that one) and biographies coming on.

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