Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This crazy life

It's been a crazy week getting ready for the crazy weeks to come. Here's the low down so you can keep track of my schedule in case you needed to stalk me for some reason.
This Week
Schlitterbaun on Thurdsday to make one of my husbands longsuffering dreams come true. A 45minute water ride. Woo-hoo.... (that woo-hoo was sarcastic.... i wish feelings came through better in type).
Tampa,FL Saturday through Monday. Can't wait to visit the fam and see little miss baby Ella in person for the first time.
Next Week
Workin for the weekend is all I got.
Jess comes in Saturday through the next Wednesday. I can't wait to see my dearest friend.
First Week of September (yea, by then it will almost be September. Where has the summer gone?)
Nicky and Kara's Wedding! So back to Ohio, I go again.

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Laura said...

We can't wait till you get here...is it Saturday yet? :)