Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Our trip to Tampa was wonderful. It was so much fun to hang out with Ella and Ryan and Laura too of course. We're hoping we were a help while we were there. I'll just post a few photos here, but if you want to see the full album click here.

We had a great time babysitting so Ryan and Laura could get out for a few hours and even took Ella to church while Laura slept.
Laura was so kind, she even let me give Ella her bath.

Makes us want a baby of our own... At least, it didn't scare us away from never having one.

Of course I've been busy, but I've been crafting all along the way. I've really been good about starting projects but not so good about finishing them. Here are a couple of pics showing off some of the completed ones.

A card I made for Aunt Glenna

Ella's new onesie and friend (a Gwendolyn copy)

Ella modeling my creation

A gift for a friend

Crafty Husband
I failed to tell about what Adam had done for me for my birthday. I had been requesting craft supplies and he graciously bought me many things for my birthday. I had a picture scavenger hunt to find everything. Boy was it fun! But on top of that my husband got craft himself.

Most of it is even color coordinated in pink. Thanks Hunny!

Cutest chick ever! Good job Adam!

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