Thursday, August 2, 2007

Too Cute

Gwyndolyn- A small bunny needs a really big name

Adam fell in love with this book at 1 in the morning in Barnes and Noble's while waiting for HP7 to be released. We had a good laugh about it while whittling away the time in the Literature Aisle. They are felt "mascots" that you make and then carry around with you. they really are too cute.... Here's the story of how Gwyndolyn came to be.

The bunny Gwyndolyn afraid, very afraid. She wasn't sure how she had gotten herself into this prediciment, but it was severe. How in the world was she going to get down from there?

Some how, she had gotten herself stuck up on top of the ledge and there was no help in sight. Luckily for her she noticed a wall hanging just to the side of the ledge. If she could only inch herself over and get to the end she would be able to scale the wall over to the hanging.

Once Gwyndolyn was there she knew she had run out of luck. Still a whole 4 ft from the ground it was impossible to get there and scamper from the apartment where she had found her doom.
Then luck shined down on her once again and from the bathroom came a giant, if he would just get close enough she could jump onto him and slink her way down to the ground. Closer, and closer he came and just when the timing was right she jumped!

But she just missed her mark and started to slide down the largest slide she could have ever fathomed. Once again as she felt her impending doom she was lifted up and over into my hand to rest and retell the story to me as I have, here, relayed it to you.

I know it's contrived, but we had a lot of fun making this bunny and then taking pictures of it, so I just had to make up a story to go with it.

My fascination has moved to embroidery. It makes my hands hurt (which crochet doesn't) so it's a little less relaxing, but I've been having fun with it. here's some pics of what I've done. Some are from patterns from but some are my own design too.

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Kate said...

1. I love your stitching, it looks great!
2. I've been on the fence about Becoming Jane, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I didn't want to pay $10.50 to sit there and feel frustrated about how they might protray her life. But now, I'll definitely see it.
3. I completely agree with you that the new version of P&P is horrendous.
Carry On!