Thursday, August 16, 2007

Further Recoup

I work with a wonderful woman at Pottery Barn Kids. She is a grandmother, but one of those grandmothers who tells dirty jokes and enters ceramics into the state fair. She's wonderful. She would be my friend even if her husband wasn't a masseuse, but since he is, she well up there on my list :) Yesterday I visited Larry, and well, we got all my kinks worked out. Therapeutic masssage can make you look differently at the world. Spending 10 hours a day on the internet can have it's downfalls, and my shoulders really take a toll. Then being on a treadmill really does in the hips. So needless to say, after over an hour of active pressing and stretching, I was able to move easier than I had in years. The only thing with deep massages of this type is that I tend to bruise pretty easily. The kind of "hurt so good" thing really kills me later on. So today I am hurting but still amazed at how it feels to be able to turn my head without turning my shoulders too. I'm off to go take some advil now.

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