Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Here are some updates on crafting....

Advent Calendar
I can't decide on stitching for the star and trunk so I may leave it as is until I can think of something. But I had a request for a picture of the whole thing, so here it is.

Christmas Present
These stockings are being given away for Christmas. But I can't say who for, that would ruin the suprise.

Belated Birthday Present
Come on Nick, did you really think I forgot? It's just that this pattern has been the bane of my existance. Almost four months late, I am seeing the end of this afghan for my brother's birthday.

Neck Cozy

And I was asked for the pattern for the neck cozy I made last week.
The pattern came from Crochet Kids by Kelly Ronci (a really wonderful book that has great patterns, but also teaches you how to crochet as well) the neck cozy is right on the front cover and that's what attracted me to the book. The pattern is just back and forth making what I would call a swatch using super bulky yarn (as I did). Their's calls for a single crochet, but I'm pretty sure I used a half double. Attach a button and button through the stitches. I wore mine this morning and I like it a lot except that it sticks up a little far for me in the back, but I think if I button it differently it will lay a little better.

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