Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh Texas....

This is a common saying around our house. We said it when we had a bit of snow flurries on Thanksgiving Day, or this morning when when the Cowboy Emporium (I can't remember the real name of the store) had a commercial on advertising everything cowboyish for Christmas.
This time it is said in honor of the seasons.
It is 70 degrees today, a little chilly this morning (in the 40s) but it will be nice out later today.
This is a picture I took this morning while waiting for the elevator (still loving our new camera by the way).

Yup it is December, however in Texas it is just now autumn. Everyone else is blanketed in snow and having floods, here it is bright, sunny, 70 and autumn. Go figure.
Not that I'm complaining. My Christmas tree is up, so I can ignore the outside world and just sing "Let it Snow" inside. I'll just turn the air conditioning down so it feels chilly.

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