Thursday, December 6, 2007

This is the neck cozy I finally finished this evening. I love taking naps in the afternoon because then when I can't go to sleep in the evening I find lots of unfinished projects to put the finishing touches on. Like, putting the button on this which I had actually made a few months ago and just couldn't decide on a button. Now it just has to get cold enough here for me to wear it. (Ahem, it will be 80 degrees tomorrow.)

I have a really long to do list in the craft world right now. Tonight as I was trying to make a path through that room that has been taken over by yarn, Christmas stuff, and the growing collection of baby stuff we are acquiring, I made a list as I went of all the projects that have been started and not finished or that need to be done by Christmas or that I saw that I would like to get done in a timely manner. Whew, the list ended up being around 15 things long. It's going to be a long winter folks.

But enough of yanking your chain, we went to the doctor today and found out we are officially having a baby. Yup a baby. They did get a little more specific and tell us it is a boy! Unluckily, we had all good girls names so now we are in a constant argument about what to name this thing. For now the current nickname is Littlefoot. You know from the Land Before Time? The original one at least, not the 25,000 sequels that they made of it. So Littlefoot it is. As for its real name, we'll have to wait the next 5 months to find out. Hopefully, Adam and I can agree by then.

We are both very healthy and have no complications or risks. I only gained about a pound (even though I feel like I've gained around 15) so I am still allowed to eat whatever I want and Littlefoot is growing immensely. He tends to lay with his feet to the right side of my body and his head to the left and decided to move his mouth around and do some side twists while we were watching him today. The doctor had high praise for him and said he looked great.

I promise to post a new belly pic soon. A lady at the mall yesterday asked if I was having twins. I was so mad. Also, the ultrasound pictures were not very good this time around (but the video was pretty good) so those may or may not get posted quickly. Taking suggestions for names, but only "hey this is a cool name," not, "I really don't like this name at all." What's wrong with people, if I'm mentioning a name it's obvious that I like it. Duh.


Kara said...

Yeeey! It is offically a boy! :) You know I will be giving you names... Nick liked Nicholas... lol... so happy you both a doing well, and i for sure want to see that belly! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the baby! just wondering if you could post the pattern on the cozy.

Laura said...

I'm so excited I get a nephew! Now I can buy cute little boy things...and I guess pass along Ella things that are not girly :) I think a manly name like Hurcules would be just right!

Mark said...

Remington Winchester Kipp has a nice ring, Of course I like the name Buck, Hunter would be good how about Buck Hunter Kipp? Issac is a good name. Buck Dakota has a familar ring also.

Kate said...

Congratulations Cara! A little boy is so exciting. There is something really special about a relationship between a mother and son, and being the first woman in his life. Since my husband doesn't like my two current favorite boy names, I'll pass them on to you... Liam or Grady. Take them and do what you want with them! And I guess I'm in a pickle when my turn comes since I divulged them...oh well. I love your advent Christmas tree.