Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today someone asked

why I wasn't drinking coffee anymore. You mean you noticed a change in my drinking habits, but didn't notice the growth on the front side of my body that makes me look like I'm wearing a pillow under my shirt?
And just to prove how much I've grown (and maybe justify the lady at the mall's comment last week) here's a belly pic for you.

My thoughts during this picture: Don't forget to smile. And, I hope that Adam is remembering to cut my chubby arm out of the picture.
Thanks Adam for not forgetting. That's why I love you.

PS. Seriously I've only gained about 5 pounds the entire pregnancy. I wouldn't even lie or talk about it if it wasn't true because it just blows my mind that I look like this and haven't gained the poundage to prove it.


Laura said...

You look great!!! Thanks for the pic so we don't have to imagine what you look like anymore! Just think...by May your belly will be at least twice that size...

kara said...

Oh, you look so cute! You really look good! It is neat to see you! Keep putting them up!