Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Growing family

Dear friends of ours, Matt and Rebecca, decided to become foster parents earlier this year and finished the process just a few weeks ago. Their intent was to have children who are available for adoption in their home and eventually adopt those children if possible. They received two little boys this week, Kenneth and Michael who are just the most adorable little things I've ever seen pictures of. They are three and one. I am hoping to post pictures of them here if I am allowed (I don't know the regulations yet because of them actually still being foster children). But Adam and I will get to meet them on Thursday and I can't wait. Pray for their family as the boys adjust to their new environment and pray for Matt and Rebecca as they adjust to being instant parents. I know they will do great and are so excited to love these little ones (just as the rest of us are).

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kristi c said...

no fair you get to meet the boys! i am so jealous. i can't wait to get there. we arrive on the 30th of dec. and are pressuring danny and jessica to join the group for new years even fun and family bonding....boys, boys, boys everywhere! i can't wait to rub your belly!