Friday, December 14, 2007

A day of fun, but not for some...

Boo! Snow! Ice! Boo!
First of all. Pray for our friends in Missouri- Michael, Kristi and their four kids. They have been without power for four days now and may not have it back before the end of next week.

Here's part of an email from Kristi I got yesterday:
I am tired, frustrated and also getting sick now. I am at a friends house with my four kids and her two today while all the other adults went to work (God is so laughing with me right now as I remember how many times I said the kid care is not my "gift"). Our friends have been so gracious to have us move in their house but I don't know if this is a good solution beyond a day or two.

Bless those friends. I wish I was there to help. The kids have not had school or anything because of the lack of power. The most I can do is pray that they continue to be healthy and safe.
That and anticiapate their visit to us right after Christmas. I can't wait.

Best New Year Ever?
Also, I heard unofficial word that our friends from California will be hopping in after Christmas for the New Year. Is that true Danny and Jessica? Please tell me it's true. Having some of the old gang together would be the ultimate!

Thursday o' Fun
Yesterday was so much fun for me. I was so full of excitement by the end of the night that I couldn't sleep very well and it was as bad as being a kid on Christmas Day night.

We had a wonderful two hour lunch with Bill and Darby and Miss Kate. Merry Christmas!

Then we went to Matt and Rebecca's to spend some time with their new little ones. It was so much fun! I wish I could post pictures of these two, they are pretty much the cutest little boys I've ever seen. We played on the floor and then Kenneth showed off his bike riding skills.

We went to Grand Prairie to see the Christmas Light Spectacular there. It was a lot of fun. Except when I tried to go to the bathroom. I almost had to pull the pregnant lady card to ditch some people in line. But I didn't. I waited my turn patiently. We all had a lot of fun watching the dinosaurs eat Santa.

We had so much fun, here's just a slide show of all the pictures yesterday (minus our visit to Matt and Rebecca's). Enjoy!

Long before we even knew we were pregnant, Adam and I talked about children's rooms for our hypothetical children. For little boys we talked about Adam's favorite childhood things, Dinosaurs and Space. We agreed on a retro space theme if we ever had a boy. When things looked more and more like a reality, we revisited that theme and decided to go with it. In the world of fabrics, there is a resurgence of retro reproductions being made from the 40s and 50s, so it has been a lot of fun getting some ideas. So because I love having themes for everything (parties, holidays, etc.) we will be persuing a Retro Space theme for Littlefoots childhood enjoyment.

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Laura said...

Uncle Ryan will be so jealous! He wanted to be an astronaut....guess he can camp out in Littlefoot's room once in a while! Hope your friends get their power back soon...