Monday, December 3, 2007

Fun weekend

I'm trying not to fall asleep at my desk today. It's too warm in our office and I tend to nod off around this time of the afternoon.

This weekend was really nice. On Saturday night we attended Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb Christmas concert at a large church in town. Before you think we spent the whole time singing Christmas carols, let me explain about this concert.

Andrew Peterson is a singer/song writer and gets a few of his friends who are also singer/song writers to come along with him. Saturday he had Bebo Norman, some guys from Caedmon's Call, and my personal favorite Sara Groves. There were some others along, but no one I'd ever heard of before.

They do a Nashville Round (thanks Hans for the term) where they all sit on stage and just talk about how they know each other, why they wrote the song they're about to sing, etc. while they each sing a song or two each. That's probably my favorite part. But then they did the actual Christmas part of the program where Andrew Peterson goes through songs that he has written in chronological order about the old testament leading up to the birth of Christ. It is moving to go through the whole old testament in an hour, let alone through song. I had heard many of the songs (thanks again Hans) but hearing them performed live and in order was really moving.

I think the last "concert" (not play, or performance) we had been to was before we moved here to Texas, so it has been a while. It was really great to just groove on some good music.
Oh yeah, Baby really liked the music too. I'd been able to feel it move once or twice before, but with us being in close proximity to the stage, I could feel Baby Kipp moving a lot. Maybe we'll finally have a percussionist in the family.

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