Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Big Update

I know I haven't posted in a while, there are quite a few things going on or that have gone on that deserve attention.

is doing great. He's finished the bones of his thesis on film and redemption for school and I had the sheer pleasure of reading 96 pages the other day to proof read before he turned in his first full rough draft. Eighty movies later, people are surprised that we haven't seen recent movies (or been to a movie theatre) in months and months. Sorry guys we were stuck in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. etc. etc.
Yesterday was the first day of his last semester of school. He's relieved and excited and he only has one class. It's nice for me to finally see the light at the end of his tunnel.
I know I don't talk alot about this on here, but Adam is also actively searching for a position to begin this summer as a pastor. It's funny that I haven't mentioned it because it is pretty much consuming our lives right now with resumes, interviews, packets of information, Google map searches, emails, networking, and prayer. Let's not forget prayer. We are praying for our future ministry, the church God has set aside for us to be in, the people and community of that church, and the process that goes into finding that church. Currently we are taking a look at a few churches and are anxiously awaiting responses on quite a few others.
So to answer the most popular question asked us: No, we don't know where we'll end up this summer, and yes it could still be anywhere in the US.

I'm healthy (at least I think so, we'll find out at the doctor next week if I'm not), and am adjusting to pregnancy. At least trying to, there's constantly something new. I got used to the baby moving and then my back started hurting. I got used to sleeping on my side instead of my back and then the baby started kicking so hard that he wakes me up. Ugh. But it's fun, I'm thankful for the energy I do have and I am starting to be impatient already to meet him. Let's be honest, patience has never been my strong point.
As far as strange pregnancy cravings, I haven't been eating pickles and ice cream or even ice cream at all, I've been craving broccoli, pineapple, and Berry Blast Smoothies from Sonic.
Work is fine, it's work, I'm still working 4- 10hour days for the insurance company, and I am only helping out at Pottery Barn Kids when they really need it (for instance I've worked one or two days this whole month), which is great because being on my feet really makes them swell.
My newest toy that I saved up to buy is my Kitchenaid Artisan mixer. I've wanted one since I learned how to cook. Finally on Sunday I got mine in Empire Red and was so excited that I used it three times that afternoon. Adam was in heaven, we had chicken and homemade egg noodles with the dough made in the mixer, mashed potatoes whipped in the mixer, and chocolate butter cookies stirred up in the mixer. He loves the new mixer.

My emails tell me he's as big as a papaya for the next few weeks until he's as big as an eggplant. It really feels as though he's something with many more appendages however which he likes to flail about as he's completing gymnastic feats inside my body.
He recently told Daddy all the things he would like to have as we walked around Target and Babies R Us, so that Daddy could scan it, but I got to pick out some fun stuff too one day while I was working at Pottery Barn Kids. So you can check out what we've picked out online or in the store if you wish. Here's the furniture he picked out:
He is also quite popular with his friends that he doesn't even know yet. Matt and Rebecca's little boy Kenneth is fascinated that he's living inside my stomach and always wants to lift my shirt to see if he can see him and thinks it's hilarious that he steals all my food. He also has two girls vying for his attention. Miss Kate loves to kick him while I hold her and the unborn Rylee's parents, Len and Steph, are all for marriage except for the fact that he's not a New Yorker like themselves. That was atleast until they were reminded that Rylee and Littlefoot will both be Texans and that's not half bad.
Also, he still doesn't have a name yet. We are still trying to come up with something that is representative of this point of our lives and something will hopefully not lead to pummeling on the playground. We'll see.

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Laura said...

Hurray for Adam's last semester!!!
Hurray for Cara being healthy!!!
Hurray for your new mixer....that cracked me up :)
And hurray for our little nephew without a name...I'm off to spy on your shopping adventures.