Friday, January 4, 2008

From the mouths of babes

We've been hanging out this week with the Campbell family who is in town visiting. It is so much fun to be around spiritual (not just social) friends in the older two, but also the four rambunctious little ones God has blessed them with. In a poll of the children of what the baby's name should be, they answered, in order of how hard they made me laugh:
Harrison (6): Jonathon
Brennan (3): Michael (his dad's name)
Tatiana (6): Mister Adam, after his daddy
Aleksandra (4): Cutie
I think they would all be great names... Especially, Mister Adam Kipp.... Of course Adam loved that idea. We could call him Mr. Mister.

Mostly I just love these kids. I haven't seen any of them in a year and seeing them "grown up" this past week has been such a joy....
Oh goodness, I'm such a weepy pregnant lady.


urbro said...

Hey cara mr. mister name reminds me of Happy Gilmore and the lady in the home chasing after Happy. I hope you got my voicemail, Nick

Kara said...

We like Harrison... and Nick said the same thing about how Mr. Mister reminded him of happy gilmore!