Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Up to here

We've been up to a lot of good lately.
I remember friends doing this in the past, but we are starting to feel the urgency of squirrels in the fall collecting acorns around our house. The thought in a few short months life will be completely different in a completely unknown way spurs us to do some extra things.
We've (well really I have, Adam has known them a while) had the pleasure of making some new friends in our building and have gotten to know them pretty well in the past week or so. They are so sweet and are newly married, and have quickly been added to our list of people we will dearly miss when we leave. Thanks Lizzie and Jeff.
We are having a grand time spending time with our current friends. Especially my group of girls who are pregnant and have recently had little ones. Their encouragements and common stories and secrets have made the past six months A LOT more bearable and laughable. Dinners, emails, and quick chats have really kept me sane. Especially dinners with lots and lots of really good food like last night with Len and Steph. But that's a whole other issue.
Mr. Mister (which reminds me of a Mister Misty from DQ... mmmmm that sounds really good right now, if it wasn't 35 degrees outside,) is growing really strong, or seems to be from the sheer exhaustion I've been feeling getting woken up three times a night to use the restroom, twice a night with severe leg cramps, and at least once a night because my child is having a party with my liver, or my pancreas, or a kidney, or my bladder (which then results in trip number 4 to the bathroom). BUT, such is pregnancy and as Adam said last night, if he wasn't constantly practicing for his Cirque du Soleil career, I would be worried.

A quick job update... There are currently three churches we are being at least mildly persued by. To protect the innocent let's just say, they are all three in very different geographical locations, but seem to be similar in small size and sweet tempers.

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