Monday, January 28, 2008

Friday's Doctor's Appointment

Well I caught a sinus infection again and this time the doctor put me on antibiotics to kick it out of my system. I was really upset (I have not wanted to take anything during my pregnancy let alone antibiotics) but now that I am back and fully functioning, I'm glad I took them.
At my routine appointment on Friday everything "looks perfect" according to the doctor and I did not gain any weight this month (after the mystery Christmas escapade) which is great considering I still get asked if I'm having twins. :)
We got new little pictures of our little one's face. But I've been carrying them around with me in my purse, so they have not been scanned yet. But really let's be honest, he looks like an alien anyway.
Mr. Mister's new game is to attack anything that invades his space (except his Daddy trying to feel him move). If you lay just about anything on my stomach with any weight to it (my personal favorite is my cell phone), he likes to kick or punch (I can't tell which) at it a few times to see if it will go away.
The little ticker above says 103 days until my due date. Can't wait for that to come.
So as I zoom on into the third and final trimester, I can't believe it has all gone by so quickly and can't believe he'll be here in just three to four short months.
It makes me even more excited when I get to announce things like this:
This morning around 3:30am est Alice Mae was born to Erin Elizabeth Music, my surrogate little sissy.

Please excuse the poor quality cell phone picture sent by Aunt Annie. But I am so thrilled and completely jealous that Adam gets to go visit with her this weekend before I get to see her.
All my love to my sissy being a mommy. Good luck Sweetie.

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Laura said...

Woopie! I love the new blog stuff...super cute!