Saturday, May 2, 2009

House Update

We've spent the past two days at the house and have been working on everything from painting to putting up cupboard doors to cleaning to laying linoleum to randomly walking around aimlessly even though there is a long list waiting to be accomplished.

Max learned to climb up the step ladder. That was a fun realization....

It seems that everything is coming together. Kinda like we knew it would, but were a little unsure of there for a while.

I've been walking around with an artist's brush with different colors of paint fixing things and spent quite a few hours cleaning yesterday. Today we did quite a few things including finishing the linoleum in the entryway and putting on outlet covers and vent covers.

Here are last looks at all the rooms before we are moved in and have everything messing it all up. : )

Living Room

Dining Room




Master Bedroom

(There are the three upstairs rooms but we haven't done anything with them and won't until we are moved in.)

The next update we have will be a move in special report. :)

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Anonymous said...

Lots of hard work-with lots of fun results!! Great job!! It will surprise you even more when you get carpet/window coverings in place!! Mom