Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Progression of a cupcake....

I snuck into Williams-Sonoma (oh how I miss you so much) while in Dallas and picked up some Sprinkles cupcake mix for Max's birthday. I quickly whipped them up this evening and here you go.... progression of a cupcake.

They definitely weren't as pretty as the ones you buy, but they were almost just as delicious!

In other news....

Today the carpet was put down in the house. It took the men 7.5 hours to do it all, but it's done and it's absolutely beautiful. It makes the house look and feel complete.

I have been flitting around cleaning windows, hanging curtains (even if they're not the ones I want), moving things up the stairs (when they weren't having carpet laid), mopping the floors, cleaning the fridge, etc. I moved constantly around the entire time they were working on the carpet today. Tonight Adam is working on his New and Improved To Do List that accumulated during the day.... I've discovered that as handy as I am, I'm not very good with the power screwdriver.

Tomorrow Max has his 1 year check up. I'm guessing he's in the 90% percentile for weight and somewhere in the 80s for height. He seems as big as, if not bigger (in height and weight), than all the older kids we know. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping, we are given the ok to start milk. Buying formula is definitely for the birds.

I've been reminiscing a bit today about this time last year. Having just been in Dallas and seeing many of our friends, I'm still overwhelmed by the welcome Max received into this world. What better way than spending the first night with at least a dozen visitors and sleeping next door to great friends with their new little one tucked in tight too. Happy Birthday also to Rylee Grace, Max's birthday twin.


Laura said...

Man that cupcake looked good! Cute pics and video :)
Hope he had a fun birthday!

Stephanie said...

Aw, that cupcake looks yummy =) Ok, so I hope that the gift we bought Max fits him we got him size 24 months? Rylee wears 24 months, but Rylee also doesn't like to eat, so Max may be bigger than her even though they are birthday twins =) Let me know if it will fit, if not I will look for the receipt and send it to you.

Love you guys

I tried to fix my blog, but I think is has something to do with me using a Mac.

Anonymous said...

What a yummy birthday treat!!! He seemed to enjoy every crumb!! Good cook mom!! Grammy

Mark said...

That's My grandson!