Thursday, May 28, 2009

Max, these days

Max has always been a happy, happy go lucky child. But it seems that Max has hit a case of 'orrible ones. For the most part he's still happy, but he's become very opinionated, especially in the afternoons between 3 and 5. If anything doesn't go his way, it's a disaster. I find it funny for about 40 minutes then annoying for the rest of the time. Conveniently, as soon as Daddy gets home there's no trace of these faces.

Max is down to one bottle a day and almost completely on milk (I still have some formula left so he gets that in his bottle at night). He have also moved on to the big kid sippy cups. There's also no crawling going on around our house either, Max has been solely walking for quite a few days now. He's still in the drunken little man stage though.

He's such a big kid, I can't even believe he was ever once a tiny baby.


Anonymous said...

MAx makes me so sad in his afternoon grumpy pictures!! Poor guy-alright poor mom for having to deal with Mr. Grump!! EVen though they are sad pictures-great job with your new camera!!Grammy

Kara said...

Ok, I admit, I love the pictures of him being a grump! He is still so darn cute! :)

Anonymous said...

He looks like he is already 2! What a cutie, even when he is pouting.

Laura (on Grammie's computer)