Monday, May 18, 2009


(Flowers from my yard on my kitchen window sill)

Now seemed as good a time as any to talk about my word of the year. Way back in January I talked about a theme word for the year... Peace.... what was I thinking? That was some pipe dream I had. It's not been peaceful around these parts this year, but it's been sweet.

I sit amongst a house FULL of boxes. I can't find clean clothes for Max, but I know exactly where my high school yearbooks are, because I keep opening that box. Over and over. I'm moving room to room completing one at a time, well, by that I mean, wandering around moving little things, and then reminding myself I'm supposed to be in one room and heading back there. Only to then have to go rescue Max from a pile of boxes. But I have the bathroom, kitchen, our bedroom and Max's room (to a lesser extent) all in working order.

Max's doctor's appointment went well. He actually weighed 24lb 11oz and was 30 inches tall. This is less than I weighed him at a couple weeks ago, but he's slowed way down on his eating and has way increased his walking. He's been ok'd to start milk but I've had enough going on this week and still had formula in the house, so we've yet to start that. Maybe next week.

Well I'm back to moving things around and organizing and making piles for a massive garage sale.

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Laura said...

Wow, you sure moved quickly! And you have some rooms in working order? Man alive, you should go into business helping other people move :)

Glad you guys are getting settled in. Love the picture of the flowers with the keys...even if your life is crazy that picture looks peaceful!