Friday, May 1, 2009

This week in pictures

We've been busy all week, but Max is so fun that it's been distracting. Tonight we played in a pile of blankets I should have been packing to move for a half hour. He thought it was hilarious to climb on top of the pile and roll down so I could tickle him. He's growing so quickly, I just can't believe how much he learns each day.

He loves feeding himself whole things, not the pieces I've broken up for him
Pretty blue eyes today
So cute in his patchwork overalls
Max found the Evangicube... oh little preacher's son...

Did I ever post about my quick Easter craft for Max? A bunny shirt with freezer paper stencils
Baby Girl Blanket of Granny Squares... I love the look but hate hiding all the ends.
Scarf in the mail to a friend


We still have eggs and a bird in a nest outside our front yard. I keep looking to see if the eggs have hatched yet. The mother bird is very protective each time we go out the door she flies off to a nearby branch and hollers at us until we go back inside.

At the new house we have two beautiful blooming trees. This one just started this week.
And this one was just on it's way out.


Laura said...

Max is growing so fast...his hair and eyes are so pretty (can I say that about a boy?).

Anonymous said...

Lots of fun new things for Max to learn and explore!! Good that you take time to enjoy even when you have lots to do!! He is growing by leaps and bounds!! Blue is a very good color on him!! Grammy