Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our House

I've been trying to get some pictures of the new house, but it's been a major fail this week. It's been rainy and cloudy and the house is never clean. So here is a tour of my very lived in (and kind of dark) house.

Welcome to the Kipp House!

You open the front door to the living roomYou can go up the stair case
Or right into the master bedroom (like that I didn't even make the bed for this tour?)

Continue on into the diningroomComment on how messy the dining room table isTurn to go into Max's room
Nursery complete with baby
dresser/changing table set into one closetAnother view
Back into the dining room to continue the tourThrough the dining to the kitchen
Turn around to enter the bathroomnotice the window coverings... all by Grammie
More bathroomThrough the bathroom into the master bedroomUnmade bed, once againmore bedroom
That leads you back to the entryway. I'll have details abut each of the rooms in the coming weeks. I have some projects I'd like to do (of course!) and I'm still looking to rearrange accessories and for little pieces of furniture still. And of course there's still the three upstairs rooms that have to get done at some point.


Kara said...

Wow Cara... it looks so nice with actual furniture in it! :) I love the living room set up. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

It almost looks as good in the pictures as it did in person!! Awesome job!! Dad and Mom

Patricia McClung said...

Wow Cara!!!! The house looks wonderful! Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

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