Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Travel Recap

Howdy from Texas!

So we've made it back from our travels (Monday morning to be exact) and here's a picture rundown of our week in Texas... But I can say this, it was full of good food, great weather, and AMAZING friends. It was good to be in fellowship with believers who know us better than we might even know ourselves. It was great to talk ministry, great to relax, and was a wonderful mother's day where the boys cooked the girls dinner and we had the best foot massages from a couple 2 year olds and a 4 year old.

I have that post vacation let down, but there's no time to wallow, or even get the pictures printed off, I've been moving stuff from the parsonage to the new house and our carpet is going to be put down in the morning (it was changed from Monday).

The boys

How do you get 10 kids to all look at the camera at the same time and even get most to smile? The promise of jelly beans and a lot of parents acting like fools jumping up and down and hollering. Notice my son is not only not looking at the camera, but also stealing a toy from Jackson.

Visiting my old job and had lunch with the girls (no, Kerry is not a girl, but Max loved him)

Dear friends Lizzie and Geoff at the Bookcenter

Little Mama Sasha with the baby boys

Max with Auntie Darci

Tatiana assisting with the walk down the steps

Mmmmmm Sprinkles Cupcakes.....

Sweet Boys

Playing in the water at the zoo

What? We're not doing anything (Max and Lily-our friends' Eric and Radha's little girl)

Congrats Matt (him and little baby Lucy)

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Anonymous said...

Fun,busy adventures and travels!!You squeezed so many good things into a few days!! Max seemed to be absorbing it all!! Grammy