Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy Beavers

We've been busy beavers lately (um, when are we not!) and we've had something to do each day. But I gotta be honest. I am so very looking forward to the day when we can just play outside. I'm not a snow player and it seems that Max has a tendency that way too. It takes me longer to get him dressed to play outside than he'll actually stay out. So really, it's not worth it. It's cold. That makes me grumpy. It also explodes cans of soda on our back porch leaving a huge disaster of soda on the walls ceiling and floor. That makes me extra grumpy.

I've been knitting away, but nothing I can share. A baby blanket is being crocheted and I'm testing a pattern that's hoping to be published for an internet friend.

I"ve bought more yarn than I've used up in the past month and have a taken a hiatus on buying yarn... That's really easy to say since I bought yarn today.... So it's a new hiatus and one I probably won't kill myself to keep.

I've also been organizing everything I can get my hands on- Re-purposing as much as possible and getting rid of everything I'm not using. The old hutch is now relabeled with the hopes of being functional again- Binders are being reorganized - my household notebook, recipe notebook, crochet/knitting pattern notebook- they are all getting new looks.

I've also been baking- mostly making bread using Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
It's leading to me really needing to get back into a gym routine. I will work out just so I can eat more bread. That's motivation, my friends.

Other than that I have really cute kids, some awesome friends who are always up for a bit of fun, and a to do list a mile and a half long. Life's pretty awesome.

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The Kipps said...

I guess all that education doesn't teach Adam about what temperature Pop freezes. I amm surprised it hit the ceiling. Pop Pop would love to play outside with Max.