Saturday, January 15, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I've decided to go ahead and choose two winners for the giveaway! I entered all 12 names of the commenters here on the blog and on Facebook into the List Randomizer on and out came two lovely ladies!
First is Amy, an old college roomie in OH
And second was Amber, a wonderful friend from seminary in KS
I was going to let let the winner choose and then send the other item to the second, but I decided to choose for you ladies based on how I know your personailities (I hope you aren't offended by that!)
So Amy- Here's your's:
Pattern: Waffel Hat ( link)

And Amber- Here's your's:
Pattern: My own design!

Thanks for playing friends :)


Amber said...

Yeah! I am so excited. I love your pick for me too!

Anonymous said...

So excited! It looks wonderful :) ~Amy