Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Update- 31 things before 30 and a giveaway

I haven't checked in yet on the list of 30 things before 30 so I thought I would share on those today. It's been almost 6 months since I turned 28 and I'm surprised at how often I think of this list. I thought I would make it and forget it, but I really do think of it at least once a week. Mostly in the shower, when I have 2.5 seconds of peace and the water is loud enough that it almost seems quiet.

So here's the list with some commentary if you are following along-
1. Run at least a half marathon if not a full one
Well I'm not there yet. In fact as most people I didn't hardly do anything over the holiday season-
2. Clean out my closet to things that I only actually wear (not wish I could wear or might wear someday)
Actually DONE! It was liberating and I'm still pulling a few pieces out here and there. I'm amazed at what I had t had that I didn't wear ever, at all, and didn't even like.
3. See the pacific ocean
4. Decide whether or not (and have if we are) any more children
We're done for now and it's up for renegotiation in 2015 so that takes care of the before 30 part.
5. Weekend in Chicago (this was on my list last night as I was thinking of things, and that's what my gift from Adam is for my birthday! He must have read my mind)
We had a great time! And it was awesome- I've already been again for a day with friends and I'm planning another day trip in February to visit some friends. I'm such a city girl.
6. Learn to quilt
7. Complete another full sized afghan (either knit or crochet)
8. Decide on a career
9. Join a CSA for a summer
10. Get Adam to eat the veggies from the CSA
11. Take Max and Penny to a real live farm to see animals and/or harvest
We went to go see the harvest and Max and Adam rode the combine
12. Visit the PNW
13. Find a little black dress I actually like
14. Finish reading the whole Bible (I've started this one so many times, but always go back to my favorites instead of reading it all)
15. knit myself a sweater
This is one of my knitting goals for this year. I just have to decide on a pattern
16. Feel comfortable in my own skin, no matter what it looks like, or who I'm with
17. Clean out everything we collect and make it into everything we use/need/love
I started with my closet and I'm working through the house. I'm ending with the garage. Which will then lead to #30
18. Catch up on Max and Penny's scrapbooks
I've actually done a page or two of Max's and printed a billion pictures
19. Have a "handmade Christmas" where everything I give has been handmade by myself or someone I know
I did pretty well this year, but I'd like to do better next year. If not I'm pretty satisfied with how well I did this year.
20. Vacation without the kids (I think the overnight in Chicago might count for this one too...)
I'm totally counting it.
21. Go to Disneyland
22. Learn to use our camera in manual mode a little better
I have but I'm still not great. I'd like to be better.
23. Have professional (really professional) family pictures taken
We tried. The kids were awful that morning. It's like they KNEW I wanted a nice picture. We'll have to try again.
24. Visit Dallas again
25. Spend some time alone on a beach and just read a book or magazine or knit
26. See MOPS (or any other ministry I might be involved in) flourish
MOPS has been awesome! I love the friends I've made and am continuing to make- it's thriving and living and moving- just awesome
27. Play my cello again
28. Read all the books I've bought and never read
I've at least resisted the urge to buy more books
29. Use trifle dish that I bought years ago but have only used to hold ice
I used it for fruit salad- I was also reminded that I totally have used it already- December 2008- 
30. Have a garage sale
31. So I've been wanting to do something for a while I've never had the courage to do. It's something kinda silly, and I was thinking I was too old to, but I realized I'm not and I've been hemming and hawing about it for a few weeks now. So mystery item number 31 is going on the list and will be revealed when I do it.

I know I have a few readers so I'm looking for some feed back- What's something you've always wanted to do (something big or something small) but just have never had the courage to do? Answer in the comments and I'll totally pick a random commenter to receive something Cara-made-


heather bowers said...

im all about this because i would LOVE a "cara" hat ;) i really want to be able to the half marathon this year. i started training last year and broke my ankle and was in a cast for 5 months, but im back to trying to train for it!

Dawn said...

Love your list! Since I'm already 30 I guess I need to do a 40 things before 40??? Oh my - that seems so crazy!

But in response to your question: I might have shared this at MOPS before, but I seriously thought being a clown in the circus was a noble, respectable career goal for me at one point in my life. So, along the same lines, [I don't know what verb to use here!] flying on a trapeze would be something that I would like to do. And I would have to say that opportunity rather than courage also plays into the probability that I will likely never do it. I mean how would one go about finding trapeze opportunities for the novice public? :)

Darby said...

I have comments (SMILE):
I know you played happy birthday ona celo!--that should count for something!
I did a lot of things from my before I'm 30 list--big SMILE. But, I couldn't do them all before then, and now I'm soooo over 30!
I wish you much success w/ your list. Thank you for being brave & sharing!
Love you much!!!

Angi hershey said...

I LOVE this list. What a great idea! I am going to create my own list due to being so inspired. I wish you luck and much success. You can achieve all of this and more. Good luck!

Amber said...

OK, maybe I finally thought of something. I have definitely not always wanted to do this, but I think it is something I want to do before I'm 30. Get a tattoo! So not the old me, but I think it totally fits with my personality now. I just don't know what I would get and where I would get it and how I could part with that much money for ink on my skin. ha. And, don't tell my mom :)

Melissa said...

How did I miss this? I'm such a failure. And I'm totally motivated and know how I am spending map time on this beautiful snow day that is also my 29th birthday! I am making my list of 30 before 30. And I will have exactly 1 year to complete them! This should be interesting! One thing I want to do this year is coach one of my kids teams or be a room mom for one of my kids. Now THAT should be interesting! Love you sis. Pick me pick me!

Julia: dreamer & lover said...

I have always wanted to adopt. We started the process while we lived in OK, and our hearts got broken, and we got pregnant, and now everything has changed... I pray that God lets us 'do' this someday! <3

Amanda Weese said...

I've always wanted to be like the character in "On the Road" by Kerouac and just randomly travel around the US without really paying much attention to responsibility. Rather, I'd focus on living. My old best friend currently does that, and I wish I would've had the courage, prior to marriage, to focus more on living too.