Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's all coming up yarn

I like yarn better than roses anyway.

Today I began a little knitting group. Well knitting, crocheting, teaching, learning, children running around screaming, babies eating needles and gnawing on yarn, group. I hope it sticks. It's that good kind of chaos that leaves me feeling like the rest of the day is calm cool and collected. And it wears out the kiddos.

Today Soulemama blogged about what's in her knitting basket and I thought- Hmmm I don't have a knitting basket, I have a knitting space between our trunk and the love seat and then there's the overflow.... We won't talk about that....

But then I realized there's yarn all over the house. And I really like it that way. So I dug up some places there are yarn and this was after I had already picked up a little.

A yarn covered diaper next to a yarny WIP 

Yarn came in the mail today from Mamaw to finish off a baby gift
Part of my stash that was revealed to the knitting ladies today
Ahem- the diaper bag with a purchase from yesterday....
Penny's Halloween lady bug ears that are still played with.
And finally my knitting space. Complete with my knitpicks harmony needles I got for Christmas (LOVE!) and most of my works in progress.... Here they are in detail.
 A baby blanket in a made up classic ripple. It is very American looking, but also very lovely I think.

A mystery test pattern knit. I can't wait to blog about this one and also about the person who wrote the pattern, probably one of the coolest people I internet know. (You know, instead of real life know...)

A waiting scarf for Grammy that was promised back on New Years and still not started (Sorry Grammy!)

Penny's Christmas Blocks that still aren't finished either... I got distracted by other beautiful things.


Laura said...

So in your knitting group are you all working on the same project, or each doing their own thing and just spending time together? Love it!

Cara Kipp said...

We are all working on different things. Some are just beginning (i'm teaching them) and so they are working on wash cloths. Another is learning crochet and is expecting so her and her kids are working on granny squares for a blankie and then one gal just comes to work on her projects. :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh how fabulous! I have a knitting basket but also shopping bags full of yarn... and a hope chest. I need to get it all sorted out. (And yet I just bought a bunch more yesterday!)


Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!I definitely appreciate your talent and expertise in creating beautiful items-almost effortless on your part!!What a gift that many of us benefit from!! Thank you-thank you!!Mom