Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Beach

(Nice Hunh?)

We've been having a great time. It's been a little chilly but the weather's looking up from here on out, so hopefully we'll get in some good beach time tomorrow and through the weekend.

Max's first sea shell (is it bad, I let him put it in his mouth and he may or may not have eaten some sand?)

Mommy and Max at the Beach!

Laura's surgery was (as far as we know now) a success. While we were concerned about Laura, it was a fun day playing with Max and Ella.

Ella flying on Auntie Cara's feet

It was great fun to have Max and Ella meet, we've been at Ryan and Laura's house, at Grammy's condo, out to eat, to the park, on walks in the strollers, and just hanging around.

Grammy with her Babies

They get along really well together (better than I thought) sometimes Ella moves too quickly for Max and startles him, but he also loves watching her and really paying attention when she dances and runs. She loves to touch his head and even was tickling his toes by the end of the day.
Max loves his Uncle Ryan

So silly me came to the beach and didn't even bring my camera charger. Luckily I had enough juice to pull the first day's worth of pictures off and we've been using Grammy's. There's way too many to post here, so here's a lovely (and possibly boring to some) slideshow for those of you missing us (like Adam). It's really like 150 pictures long, so good luck with that.

(By the way there's some random pictures in that album, including one of Max as a new born (still in the hospital), Adam preaching, and one of Katherine, the church secretary, with Max a couple of weeks ago.

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Amber said...

You guys look like you are having so much fun in Florida. Kansas is fun too, ya know :)