Monday, October 20, 2008

Things I've been reluctant to do...

The world of blogs can be in depth. I've blogged consistently for quite a while now and every now and again I think I'd like to break the cycle and start something different. But for some reason I always stop myself. Guess I'm just a little shy in "blogland." I'm not particularly shy in real life, in fact I'm quite out going, but for some reason I'm intimidated by "big" bloggers that I stalk and always think, "gosh, I wish I were that cool." But I'm stepping out. There are a few blogrolls you'll see popping up in my sidebars, and I've decided to join a meme. I'll talk more about that on Thursday though.

Check out some of the blogs in the blogrolls and see what you find. I can spend hours just hopping and learning about people. It's like the ultimate people watching as people can't tell you are staring.

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