Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quit Monkeying Around

I've been a bad blogger lately, sorry for the very long and too far in between posts. I try to post when I have a minute, but the minute always disappears in a wave of dishes, laundry, meetings, Max playing, you know, life.

So I think I wrote about him having an ear infection, and he seemed to have felt it the few days after we found out about it, but now he's back to his cheerful self and is sleeping much better.

Tuesday afternoon I went to go get him up from his nap (he was awake and talking in his crib) and I walked in saying, "Good Morning!" in my typical sing song voice (yes, even though it wasn't morning) and he looks over at me. I normally get the biggest smile that warms every moms' heart but instead this time I get a "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" this huge growl. I shouldn't have been surprised, it's Max's new favorite sound.

I've been LOVING the autumn weather, sights, smells, and general feeling. he tree in our front yard has been such a joy to watch, changing a little each day. Ah.
Last Week



Wow I'm behind.... I'm working on presents for people whose birthdays have been in previous weeks! EEEK! (Yes, that means you Kara) But I did finish a present (yes, late) for our friends' little girl. She hasn't even gotten it yet, but I have to post of it while I can...

This Monkey is from Super Crochet Wonderful and turned out to be a little harder to accomplish than I thought, but in the end a lot easier than it seemed at first. (I don't know if that makes sense.) But little girls who love monkeys cannot be denied! I hope she likes it.

The House
I KNOW! I still haven't finished a good update on this, but I'll try tonight since Adam will be out with a friend and I will have the house to myself once the babe gets to bed.

A Mama and Her Babe


Amber said...

Are you sure Max isn't just constipated? :) That is a wonderful noise. I played it without telling Ryan what it was and he gave me quite a look!
I love the picture of you and Max together. Motherhood looks great on you.
Your crafting still inspires me. I think of you each and every time I try something new.

Laura - Dining Review Tampa said...

That video just had me, Grammy, and Ella cracking up!

Kara said...

I love that sound! So funny! Roscoe was a little scared! :) No rush on my gift. Oh, and nothing has happened to our pumpkins. Ha! Crazy kids! :)

Cara Kipp said...

Glad all of you are enjoying it!

Darby said...

Max says: "I've found (more of) my voice! Look what I can do!"