Thursday, October 16, 2008

The House

So finally the house gets its own post.

Here goes:
We have had an offer accepted and are hashing out details on the contract for a new home. We are purchasing the estate of a woman who passed away in February. We have been dealing with the grandson and the whole process has been surprisingly wonderful. We are getting a great deal- but and that's a big BUT there is quite a bit of work to be done on the house before we can even move in. Our anticipated move in date is March even though we are closing on the house November 10.

The house was built in 1870 and is "4" bedrooms with an office, and one bath it also has a dining room, living room, and kitchen. I put the "4" in quotations because one room is up a back staircase and is essentially a paneled up attic, but will make a great kids' playroom.

Our first major project will be gutting the bathroom, knocking down a wall from there into a closet to expand it, and rebuilding from scratch, including floor, ceiling, walls, and fixtures.

Oh we also have to tear down wallpaper, deal with wood paneling (IN EVERY ROOM), pull up the avocado colored shag carpet, repaint every surface, and re-linoleum every other floor before we can even think of moving in.

Here's the "BEFORE" slide show.


Joshua & Tracy said...

Wow - fantastic place! Can't wait to see the "after" shots!

eleamar said...

i love it! it has you written all over it...time to get started.

Darby said...

Love the house. I can't wait to see before AND after pictures. Congratulations again!