Monday, October 27, 2008

Cleaning up

I am packing to head to Tampa to visit Adam's family, his mom is spending her month at the beach and then there's also Ryan and Laura right down the road. Max will get to meet his one and only cousin Ella! I am leaving tomorrow with Max, Adam will be joining us on November 3 (also his birthday!), and then we will be coming back November 8. Adam's dad is also joining us for a couple of days. Adam and I are getting away for one day to Universal Studios, Laura is having surgery so we will be taking care of Ella for a few days, I have half a year of Martha Stewart Living to flip through, some sunbeams to soak, and some swimming to do with my little guy!

As I was driving through town the sign on the bank said 44 degrees. I was wearing flip flops. Yup I need to go to the beach.

I was cleaning off the camera in preparation to pack it and found some things I should share.
We took some Halloween pictures of Max as he probably won't be going trick or treating at the beach.

He's also really into BITING things at the moment. Still no teeth, but I'm just waiting for them.

(Feeding himself a zwieback toast, his new favorite)

He thinks he's so big with his sitting up and get so proud of himself.

Also, I don't have any video of it yet, but he's not pretty comfortable rolling from his back to his tummy. No more freedom for mommy.

Crafty Business
I've been in front of my new sewing machine these days.... But all at the request of something needing done right now. I still haven't gotten to play with it properly, but hopefully will soon.

Adam had the idea for Pursey a while ago and since we are on our way to see Ella who he designed it for, I finally had the chance to put his drawing into action.... Remember the last time he decided to design toys?

(Yup, it's a pink purse with a moustache)

He also needed a prop for story time at the fall festival and so I designed a seed growing into a pumpkin for him. We'll see how it works.

Seed in the soil

vines growing (you pull them out of the inside)

Flip it inside out for the pumpkin

I have little friend with a number eight birthday this week and her present is to come over for a craft day and do whatever she wants with my room of stuff. She made me feel good and said it was the best present yet. :) So I can't wait for that to happen.

I made another large batch of apple crisp and remembered to take a picture. This one was for a church potluck yesterday. Hardly any of it was eaten though. Our church is full of pie eaters. But at youth group last night one of the boys really liked it, so i sent him home with a big tupperware of it. I did save enough so I could have it for breakfast today and tomorrow.

Also note to self on the frozen apples: next year make sure to peel them BEFORE freezing them.

Well back off to packing and carving a pumpkin.... :)

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Laura said...

Ella loves her pink mustache purse! We are so excited you guys are here!