Friday, October 3, 2008

Of the Crafty Persuasion

I realize I've been neglecting the craft part of my blog in favor of the cutest little boy in the whole wide world (I haven't heard any complaints) but never you fear, I've been crafting all along. I've got quite a few unfinished projects going around for October birthdays and unfortunately they will probably all be late, just so you know!

I find the days where I make my self crochet or at least doodle or write down some ideas, I am clearly able to get more stuff done. Especially when I see that my list of TO DO projects grows a lot faster than my FINISHED projects.

Right now in vague terms I am-
Working on a crocheted little girl birthday present
An emboidered/cross stitched grown up girl birthday present for a new office
A baby afghan
Toying with the pumpkin package I got in the mail from Grandma Kipp
Jotting down ideas for more unique baby gifts waiting on people to share whether they are having boys or girls
Swirling with Christmas goodies and ideas
Wanting so badly to make a quilt for family snuggle time
A design of Adam's that he swears will be a hit with the little girl recipient
Halloween costumes for my best little boy (Max) and best big boy (Adam)
Scarves- I want to make a bazillion of them all the time
A patchwork kitchen rug
And then today I dangerously come across this

It's so simple and charming, I want to drop everything else and just make two or three of these in autumn colors to hang everywhere!

Recent Finished Projects
A family from the church moved to Minnesota in the past few weeks, they have four little ones and the women in my Bible study had a going away party.

I made each of the older three a scarf (two boys and a girl) and the little one year old a hat since it is infinitely colder up there than it is here.


Amber said...

Cara, you are my hero. I have dreams of being as crafty as you, but I just don't know if it's in my blood. I wish you were closer - now that I have the time, you aren't here to teach me.
I am especially interested in one of your craft projects - you know, the baby gift that you are waiting to hear the gender! Yeah. Just two more weeks till we know.
Love you!

Darby said...

So what's the co. that publishes said you knew of one?
Love your crafting ideas and I must say that I was thinking on the same wavelength as sweet Amber--too bad we're not closer, we could start a hooker's club (you use a hook in crochet, right?). SMILE!

Cara Kipp said...

can be in anyone's blood, you just have to have patience, that's normally where I fail. I wish I were closer to help you along!
Can't wait to know the gender, you know one of those things is for your little one! :)