Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ten Things

SouleMama did a list of Ten Things she's loving right now and I thought, why not, I'll join in (all part of the previously posted about "joining in the blogging community"). It's not quite at poetic as her's, but I hope you enjoy (check her's out too, her pictures always make me want to cry, they are so wonderful).

In no particular order

1. Eating Apple Crisp for breakfast with a cup of coffee. What's not to love, apples, oatmeal, sounds like breakfast to me. In fact I ate it all so fast, I forgot I wanted to take a picture

2. Knowing our freezer is stocked with FRESH good things. Homegrown carrots, beef, peaches, rhubarb, pears, apples, corn, squash, and sweet potatoes. It's been quite an adventure for me this year. Almost all of these things were given to us (by friends and family), but I hope next year to have my own garden.

3. The sound this makes when I walk through it.

4. My baby sweetly sleeping.

5. And sweetly waking up.

6. Being requested to do a project by a friend. (I gladly take requests!)

(For you Darbs! It's almost done!)

7. Finishing Projects

8. My Craft "Bucket" (I really should make something prettier) It sits by my seat on the couch and I can just reach in and get any number of projects I'm working on.

9. Our tree continuing its descent.

10. Our youth group enjoying themselves in our home (well garage in this picture)


Maria Rose said...

When I have really good food I gobble it up and forget to take a photo for my blog too!

Laura said...

MMMM, apple crisp for breakfast sounds great! And a sweetly sleeping Max is great too!