Thursday, November 20, 2008

Follow this Blog!

I just added the FOLLOW THIS BLOG feature on the left right under my picture. Be the first to be a follower of my blog, that way I know you follow along :)

PS - More work done today, dry wall put up on the ceiling of the bathroom and quite a bit of wall paper/paint taken down from the living room.

I'm off to organize organize organize and get ready for Thanksgiving and our guests!

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Darby said...

Great! Now I don't have to feel like I have to leave a comment each time--you know I'm "following" instead. I'm not sure what the advantages of following are, but I think I like it. If it's popularity you're looking for, you've got it! We're (Bill, Kate, and I) are BIG fans! I just think it's creepy when people check out my blog, but they don't comment. Don't you think it's kind of like stalking?...