Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crafty Update

I know I go in spurts with the crafting. I've been slowly working on somethings for a while, scrapped a couple of things that didn't turn out well (Yeah, Kara, that's still why you don't have a birthday present, you too Mom!) and returned to tried and true things, but that still didn't help the belated presents.

As always I have a list a mile long of things I'd like to make, but we'll see how much of a handmade Christmas we have around here this year. I'm just not sure with the house, how much time I'll have to make all the things I'd like. And golly gee there are babies coming out of the woodwork in our lives. So many babies, not enough yarn.

I've been working on a couple of baby things, Baby Carter (Strange) got a star blanket. I don't even know if I took a picture of it.... But it was similar to this one I made Max which I love! Carter's is red though with brown trim.

I just finished this little set (hat and small stroller blanket) intended for one baby, but much more fitting for another once it was completed. Some things just seem to go with certain people and not with some.

As soon as I saw this pattern

I knew I wanted to try it. I thought it would be a challenge, but it's so wonderfully fast and also easy to pick up, I wouldn't be surprised if I made quite a few more of these. Here's what I have so far.

After the one above, other babies right now aren't getting afghans, I'm trying to venture out, I've got some ideas and some other favorites (like this simple receiving blanket and burp clothes) that I'm going to be going back to for a while.

Crafty Day
The sudden reason for the craft post was to really tell about my afternoon with Heidi, my eight year old friend. For her birthday I told her she could come over and craft with me, that Adam would watch Max, and we could do whatever she wanted. We got to do that this afternoon for a couple of hours. I hope she had fun, because I sure did.

I showed her my array of crafting supplies all quietly tucked away; the paper, cards, wallpaper, yarn, fabric, more fabric, more yarn, paint, punches, tins, buttons, ribbon, books, and ideas. She seemed a little overwhelmed so I gave her some specific suggestions and let her choose. I was secretly hoping to decoupage or use my new sewing machine, but I knew as soon as she laid her eyes on The Cute Book it was over. We were definitely making something cute. (Remember Gwyndolyn? and the one I made for Ella with the matching onesie?)

We made Terry the Terrier (which she actually named Sugar) and had a grand time.

There's Gwyndolyn riding Sugar

We also made a sewn notebook on the sewing machine with some wallpaper scraps and blank paper. She wrote in it, "Thank you Mrs. Cara. I love you" Awwwwww.

When we were done she had a few minutes before her parents were picking her up and she told me she wanted to see me craft and wanted to watch, so I started another project hoping it will turn out than other attempts that had gone so wrong recently. We'll see, so far so good. Maybe Heidi's my good luck charm. She helped me pick out the colors.

We are finally back to feeling better, I still have a nagging cough and sinus pressure, but all in all that's ok with me as long as the other stuff stays away. I'm off to take some Nyquil. Tomorrow's our usual big long day with church but tomorrow we even have a Thanksgiving meal, which I still have to prepare stuff for.... better do that before I take the Nyquil....

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Laura said...

I heart that blue, tan and white blankie. Happy crafting!