Saturday, November 22, 2008

Home Remodeling Part 3- Bathroom, Wallpaper, Basement

This week at the house has been interesting. We've been plugging away, I just don't know how certain things are going to turn out. At least I have complete confidence in the bathroom, it's the rest of the house that has been causing me a lack of sleep.

As I understand it, once the rest of the drywall is up, we're just waiting around for the tub (ordered should be in next weekend) and tile (backordered!) to get in before we can do anything else. I need to pick out a toilet and faucets and order the vanity.

Look! There's a ceiling and walls!

One guy working and the rest of us watching. :)

It has taken two days' work to do this:

but I think now that we have a groove, the rest should be easier, at least there's only one more wall and a ceiling to do and that's it, I guess all in all that's not too bad. The plaster (as we thought it might be) is in poor shape, especially around the windows and door. We are researching different options for what we should do. We don't necessarily want to pay to have the room replastered---- Any suggestions?

I got a picture of the old basement steps before they were loaded up to meet their maker in a burn pile....

They look even more unsafe laying there in the yard, completely impossible to walk on.

Here is a picture of the dining room - the chair rail and paneling are coming off the bottom, there's just nothing under it so I have to pick out new

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