Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home Remodeling Part 2- Bathroom, Basement, Wallpaper

This week so far has been busy around the house. I've not been there as much as I'd like, but hopefully tomorrow I'll get to continue my plaster restoration phase (fancy way of me saying that I will be scraping off a layer of wallpaper with paint over it for the next eternity).

I started in the dining room prepared for the worst taking down wallpaper. I pulled away the corner and ripped each sheet down. It took me all of 10 minutes to get the whole room cleared. There was only one layer over the plaster. Dining room, done. Whew!

Next was the hallway leading up the stairs. Same thing, each sheet pulled away with out any issue. Hallway, check.

The next is the living room, which won't be quite as easy. Luckily one wall is the staircase, one wall is paneling, but the other two are a thin layer of wall paper on the plaster that's then been painted over. A spray bottle of diluted fabric softener and a 4" putty knife are my only friends in there. Adam and I working on it for quite a while on Monday yielded only an area between windows being finished.

While I was working on the wallpaper Adam, Jim, and Art were working on the bathroom. In the past three days, there were some electrical issues that needed to be corrected, the drop ceiling was removed, some subflooring was removed and replaced, a fan vent was added into the ceiling and the vent directed out the side of the house, and 2x4s added to allow for new drywall to be put up.

Today I was told that things are almost ready to start being put in, guess I need to go pick out a toilet.

And while nobody was looking yesterday afternoon, I got a new set of steps to the basement, I wish I had pictures of the old ones; they were scary. I would not have been able to carry laundry down them. But the new ones are pretty, thanks to Tom who hand made them to fit in our space.


Laura said...

Wow, 3 posts! The remodeling seems to be moving along. Max is cracking me up, wiggling under everything! I like the pic of him holding something and chowig down (but what is it? a cookie? bread? fruit?)

Cara Kipp said...

It's actually his little stuffed horse "Mr. Neigh Neigh" :) He likes to put things in his mouth and just leave them there, hanging out. :)

Darby said...

WOW! Your house is really getting transformed. I know it's going to be so beautiful when you're done.
The basement steps do look grand!
Wish I could come and help.

Kara and Nick said...

Love the pictures of Max! Too funny! We cant wait to see you all hopefully next Saturday!